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All of our tours provide a rich history of Kununurra and the development of farming in the Ord River Irrigation Area

Welcome to Kununurra and The East Kimberley

The East Kimberley region, truly a magnificent area, with breathtakingly beautiful scenery, the mighty Ord River and the rich irrigated farm lands can no longer be referred to as a “White Elephant”, a name unfortunately coined by none other than a Premier of Western Australia, the late, The Hon Brian Burke. Instead Kununurra is the centre of a thriving, vibrant and productive  area that YOU are now about to discover. As all the signage on all our tour vehicles proclaims

“….enjoy the Kimberley”

Our Tours

Reluctantly 2 K TOURS wishes to advise that for the foreseeable time and until advised by this medium, we will be SUSPENDING the 2 K-EXP tour. Due to many factors, Covid-19 included, we are experiencing difficulty in accessing a lunch service within the Irrigation Area, which forms part, a concluding part, of the 2 K–EXP tour. As this lunch sector is at the client cost (paid by the participant), this suspension will have little effect. The only other major part of the 2 K-EXP tour is a tour of the Hoochery. The Hoochery has suspended the morning tour so we are unable to fulfil this part of the 2K-EXP tour.

The Hoochery tour is available separately for interested persons or groups. Tours at the Hoochery are at 2.00 pm at a cost of $20.00 per person. Contact the Hoochery on 08 9168 2467. We will be including a broad history of the Stage 2 area development (as in the 2 K-EXP tour) as part of our 2 K-ORIA tour so visitors will still gain that important local knowledge. Hence we encourage you to take the 2K-ORIA tour

Cost Adult: $95

* Pensioners & DVA: $90 

Child: $45


Cost Adult: $140
* Pensioners & DVA $135

Child: $60

We pride ourselves on making certain that you, our visitor, leaves the area wanting to return for another look

Tour Guide ~ Keith Wright

Meet Your Tour Guide ~ Keith Wright

Keith has lived and worked in the area since 1969.

He knows the tour areas intimately and has vast experience in the Wyndham, Kununurra and the NT areas.

Our organisation is small enough to be able to create a tour to fit your requirements, but large enough to provide the service you expect to give you a great tour.

Keith Wright

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